2015 Globe-athon Japan was a big hit!

Great weather for the walk!

While Tokyo normally doesn’t have much rain in December, the weather forecast predicted 60% chance of rain on the 2015 Globe-athon walk day. But the rain came a day early, and we had nice sunny weather for the walk!

At the walking event, people were busy enjoying trees at the height of the fall foliage, taking pictures, and chattering with fellow walkers.
One participant who was under chemo treatment said, “I was not sure if I was strong enough to walk, but I found myself enjoying walking. I regained confidence in my strength.”
Please take a look at photos of Globe-athon Japan that Dr. Fujiwara and other participants sent in on the bottom of this page!

What is a clinical trial? (Workshop)

Ms. Chie Hashizume from Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology (KAST) Global Health Research Coordinating Center talked about clinical trials at the workshop. Based on her experience having been involved in clinical studies as non-medical staff, she discussed questions she had about clinical trials, which many patients also wondered about.

Ms. Mitsuko Mouri explained using plain language how new medicines become available to patients; what clinical trials are; in what process clinical trials are conducted.

Ms. Eriko Aotani discussed the definitions of quality of clinical trials and how to assure that quality. She also mentioned that Japanese physicians spend enormous time and efforts in research as well as spending 150% of their energy for daily patients’ care.

Standard treatment of cervical cancer and future outlook

Dr. Takahiro Uotani from Saitama Medical Center obstetrics and gynecology department gave a detailed presentation on cervical cancer from diagnosis to treatment options, and explained about the standard treatment and future outlook of new treatments.

There has been conflicting news about HPV vaccine in Japan, but Dr. Uotani gave a clear explanation on this topic. With his attractive voice, Dr. Uotani charmed patients in the workshop.
The following Q & A session was very active. Participants even asked about clinical studies overseas, and Dr. Fujiwara commented on them. Lecturers, participants, and staff started a dialogue about clinical studies!

Standard treatment of endometrial cancer and future outlook

Dr. Aiko Ogasawara of Saitama Medical University International Medical Center gynecology oncology department discussed endometrial cancer, including epidemiology of endometrial cancer, risk factors, stages and classifications, prognosis factors, initial treatment, treatment for recurred disease, and outlook for new treatments.

Participants were somewhat surprised to know that there were fewer drug choices for endometrial cancer than for ovarian cancer.
Since there was enough Q&A time, Dr. Ogasawara and participants had a candid discussion on a variety of topics including cancer treatment and fertility, and pain of the endometrial cancer screening procedure (need for a less painful screening method!).

Standard treatment of ovarian cancer and future outlook

Dr. Yuri Yano of Saitama Medical University International Medical Center gynecology oncology department discussed ovarian cancer, including types of ovarian cancer, epidemiology and risk factors, stages, symptoms, standard treatment, and future treatment outlook.
She gave an easy to understand presentation with cute illustrations about molecular target drugs such as Avastin.

Dr. Yano also talked about hereditary cancers, which gained attention after Angelina Jolie has publicly talked about her case. She discussed newer medicines such as PARP inhibitor and anti-PD-1 antibody as well.
There are many chemotherapy medicines available for ovarian cancer treatment options, which may confuse patients sometimes. The lecture was very good for participants to understand clearly the variety ty of those medicines.

Let’s have a casual discussion about clinical trials.

After learning about clinical trials, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, and ovarian cancer, participants were divided into three groups. Dr. Uotani, Dr. Yano, Dr. Ogasawara and staff members of KAST joined each group and enjoyed a casual discussion.
The “snack donation welcome” policy caused a mountain of snacks on the table, which would surprise Santa Claus!

After warmed up in Q&A session, all participants talked a lot during group chat time.

Wrap-up Report

In 2013, we held the first Globe-athon Japan, which was a 24hr walk around the Imperial Palace. In 2015, we focused more on the real purpose of the Globe-athon, which is to learn more about clinical trials, raise awareness, and support clinical studies. Therefore, we held a short walk and workshop to learn and discuss women’s cancers and clinical studies.
Thirty seven people were pre-registered and 30 people participated in the event. Participants included patients, patients’ family members, healthcare professionals, and leaders from patients’ organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and media.
Including 16 workshop presenters and event staff, a total of 46 people participated in this event.
Accounting report is shown below.

Registration fee total: 90,000 Yen
Donation total: 102,937 Yen
Rental fee for the venue: 125,577 Yen
Equipment and miscellaneous:11,725 Yen
【Donation:55,645 Yen】
We plan to give the donation to organization(s) that contribute to gynecologic cancer clinical studies.
Once we decide which organization(s) to donate to, we will make an announcement.

The English translation of this page will be added so that those who get involved in Globe-athon worldwide can learn about our activities in Japan.
We will continue our efforts to support women’s cancers clinical studies in 2016. Please join Globe-athon Japan 2016.

Hope patient’s one step and healthcare professional’s one step will become 100 steps in 10 years. Patient advocate

Thanks to all the people who get involved in clinical trials for what they do. As a patient, I want to contribute for the sake of the next generation!Patient

Meaning of N Patient/family member

I wish patients have easy access to clinical trial information!!
I thank everybody who has been working on clinical trials!!Patient

I want easy access to clinical study information. (Patient

I wish we can obtain clinical trial information easily! (Patient)

Here, I am connected to my past, present, and the world… (Patient)

We all undertake…. Regardless of gender, age or situation. (Other)

Let’s raise awareness of Japanese clinical studies!! (Family member)

To pharmaceutical companies that develop PD-1and PDL-1:
Please understand Globe-athon’s cause, and introduce clinical studies for women’s cancers. (Company)

Patients' comprehension helps the progress of cinical tests.
Besides,it leds to the effective treatments.(Patient

As a healthcare provider, I will learn more about clinical studies!!Healthcare professional

Hope clinical trials that bear patients in mind will lead to better treatments!! (Patient)

If you are aware of importance of clinical trials, let’s voice your thought.
Let’s discuss and help each other to raise medical literacy and to make better clinical trials happen.Surviving family

Nurses engaging in clinical studies will heighten awareness and learn more. (Healthcare professional)

I hope clinical trials become better understood by the majority of people, and many patients will be able to receive better treatments. (Patient)

More openly available information about evaluated clinical trials & studies!!
Cooperation between stakeholders is important ( ^^ ) Patient

Patients and family members are the center of the clinical study team!!Clinical trial coordinator

“Patients voice will promote development of new medicines”
Don’t just wait. Let’s actively get involved!!
Each of us needs to send a message. Patient/family member/surviving family

Establish clinical trial culture in Japan.Healthcare professional

Clinical trials bring hope to patients. We need a broader community to understand its importance. Healthcare professional

Clinical studies give patients motivation for treatment. It may be distant, but it’s a spark of hope.
We need a common organization to promote clinical studies and a system that people can learn about the studies. (Patient)

Empowerment of patients Healthcare professional

I wish many people to learn about clinical trials through accurate information.Healthcare professional

I really enjoyed talking with patients. (Healthcare professional

We need a patient-centered clinical study environment! (Healthcare professional

Group photo.
30 participants and 16 staff

Walk event group photo. It was very successful. We even had walk-in participants at the event.

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